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Cloth Diaper Service & Paper Subscription

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Diaper Rental & At-Home Laundering Kit

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The Basics

Here's what's automatically included with the purchase of service:

Copy of Prefolds (2)

Up to 100 sanitized cloth diapers (depending on size and style)


Leak-proof vinyl delivery bag also serves as a liner for your diaper pail

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Weekly doorstep delivery and pickup at no additional cost


The Extras

Select the add-on services that fit your needs

You'll definitely need waterproof covers for your prefolds/fitteds, and baby wipes. But maybe you don't want to purchase your own. We offer you the option of adding these to your weekly diaper rental at a small cost

Deluxe Diaper Cover Service

$15.00/ week + tax

Diaper Cover Rentals

Starting at $4.00/ week + tax


Cloth Wipes service

$5.00/ week + tax


The Beginning