The Basics

Here's what's automatically included with the purchase of service:


Up to 85 OsoCozy brand, 100% cotton prefold diapers

Eco cloth diaper

3 Snappi fasteners for quick and easy changes (no diaper pins needed!)


1 zippered wet bag for on-the-go dirty diaper storage


Leak-proof vinyl delivery bag also serves as a liner for your diaper pail

Base Price: $31/week + tax


The Extras

Select the add-on services that fit your needs

You'll definitely need waterproof covers for your prefolds, and baby wipes. But maybe you don't want to purchase your own. We offer you the option of adding these to your weekly diaper rental at a small cost

Deluxe Diaper Cover Service

$15.00/ week + tax

Diaper Cover Rentals

Starting at $4.00/ week + tax


Cloth Wipes service

$5.00/ week + tax


The Beginning



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