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Cloth Diapering FAQs


Is cloth better for my baby's skin?

Yes! Our 100% cotton prefolds are soft, cushy and breathable, while free of fragrances, dyes, potentially harmful chemical byproducts and skin irritants found in disposable diapers. Additionally, we offer all natural, locally made skin products to help clean and soothe even the most sensitive baby's bottom.

How often do I change cloth diapers? How do I know when to change a cloth diaper? Is it the same as disposables?

Diapers of any kind can seem daunting to the inexperienced parent. The good news is that using cloth can be just as easy and convenient as using disposables. You can check to see if baby’s cloth diaper needs changing by checking inside the waterproof cover. If it feels wet to the touch, or is giving off an odor, it’s probably time for a change. You may find that baby needs changing very frequently, sometimes one right after another. Or you may find that your baby will tolerate a wet diaper for a while without fuss. To avoid diaper rash, try to change baby’s diaper as soon as you know it’s wet, and especially if it’s poopy.

Do I have to use safety pins?

Nope! We prefer using Snappi fasteners (and include a few with each diaper service). They are super quick and easy to use, and don’t have such sharp ends that risk poking your baby's skin.

What kind of diaper cream should I use?

Many traditional diaper creams contain ingredients that will build up in the cotton fibers of your diapers, causing staining and repelling (not absorbing baby's pee). It is very important to use a “diaper friendly” cream that washes out of cotton, keeping your diapers fresh and absorbent. Look for brands that are free of petroleum, zinc oxide, and cod liver oil.

Are there any differences between boys and girls cloth diapers?

The cloth diaper prefolds and covers are used the same way regardless of gender.

Do I have to rinse or spray the dirty diapers?

Nope! In fact, it is most helpful that you don't scrape, wash, or otherwise treat the soiled diapers at home, as this allows us to handle staining and odor prevention. When you start to introduce solid foods to baby’s diet, we do ask that you shake any solid diaper waste into the toilet (no dunking or swirling, please!) This helps prevent odors in your home, while keeping the diapers in better condition.

What about childcare? Can I send my child to daycare in cloth?

Yes! You may have heard that daycare and preschools won't allow cloth diapers, but that's not true. Different childcare providers have different policies regarding cloth diapers, and many of them will use your cloth diapers if you ask them to. We recommend calling ahead, and asking if they have any special instructions regarding cloth diaper use.

My baby is growing fast! What do I do when I need a larger size of diaper or cover?

If you're noticing that your newborn covers and/or prefold diapers are starting to fit too snugly around your baby, please contact us so that we can bring you the next size.

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Our Services FAQs


Do you provide everything I need to diaper my baby?

We provide all the basic supplies you need to diaper your baby. Cotton prefolds and covers are a must (although some parents may opt to use their own diaper covers). We include Snappi fasteners, 1 pail liner, and 1 wet bag with your diaper service. With these, you’ll be off to a great start with your diaper journey.


Our wipes and baby skin care products have been carefully selected as the most useful and best quality products to use while cloth diapering. But some parents want to shop around for different diaper creams, or some may choose to use disposable wipes instead of adding on the cloth reusable kind. Our optional add-ons allow you to customize which items you’d like to include in your service. Any add-ons will be delivered to you along with your diapers. We think you’re gonna love our selections!

How do I know how many diapers I’ll need? What if I run out before delivery day?

Our Full-time prefold diaper and cover services are designed to provide enough diapers for your baby all week long. On average, a newborn may go through 10-12 diapers per day. After the first few months, they will typically need fewer and fewer. If you find that you need more or less diapers, let us know, and we will adjust your rental amount.

What if I have multiple children in diapers?

We offer a 20% Discount to your total billing for multiples.

Do I have to wait until my baby is home to order?

No way! We encourage parents to order early so that you'll be ready to cloth diaper as soon as baby arrives. Just enter your due date on the order form, and you'll get your first delivery about 2 weeks beforehand.

How do I pay for services?

Once your order is processed, we will email an invoice to the address provided. We recommend that you pay this invoice by card online, and click to save your card information for your future invoices. You will be billed on a weekly schedule, and may cancel at any time.


You may also choose to wait and pay in-person on the day of your first delivery. If you choose to wait, make sure that you will be home to receive your first delivery and make your first payment. We accept cash, checks, and credit/debit cards for in-person payments. Your delivery driver will not drop off your order without collecting your payment.

How do you wash the cloth diapers?

At Diaper Magic, the health and comfort of your baby is our number 1 priority. Our 100% cotton cloth diapers are carefully inspected and sorted by hand to ensure quality and cleanliness. They go through a two-wash system and sanitization, with 1 additional rinse to eliminate any residual detergent from the fabric. Any diapers with noticeable, set-in stains are sorted for additional treatment.

What if I don’t see the specific type of cloth diaper product or accessory I’m looking for?

We use the prefold and cover system of cloth diapering because it offers the most benefits like simplicity of use for parents, durability, and folding around babies for a custom fit every time. But many other options are available out there! If there’s something you’d like to see added to our services, please let us know! We may be able to adjust our services to better fit you and your child’s needs.

I'm still undecided. Do you offer a trial period?

We do not currently offer a trial period. Consider signing up for a week-to-week payment plan, which can be canceled at any time. All sales are final, and we do not offer refunds for service plans.

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Delivery & Pickup FAQs


Do you deliver in my area?

We currently serve Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Pittsboro, Carrboro, Hillsborough, Cary, Morrisville, Apex, Holly Springs, Knightdale, and Wendell, North Carolina. If you're interested in using our service outside of these areas, please contact us. We may be able to make an exception for you, depending on your location. Click here to view our service area.

How do I get my diapers delivered/picked up each week?

After placing your order, we will deliver the diapers to your home for you at no extra cost. You can expect your diapers about 2 weeks before your due date. We service a different area each day of the week, and you will receive an email confirming your area's delivery day. Please have your pickup in a safe, accessible, and easy-to-find place (usually just outside your front door or back door, if you'd prefer). Upon pickup, we will leave your new delivery in its place. Our driver cannot leave your delivery without picking up your last week's liner.

What if I go on vacation for a week?

If you plan on missing a delivery day (for whatever reason), we ask that you contact us at least 1 week in advance, so that we can discuss available options. After two missed deliveries without notice, you will be charged a $10.00 charge to cover fuel costs for the third and each subsequent missed delivery. If the delivery driver is unable to find your pail liner for pickup, it will be considered a missed delivery. Be careful to place your liner outside for pickup by 8:00 am on your scheduled pickup day.


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